5 Tips For Kids: Healthy Teeth & Gums

Helping your child maintain healthy teeth and gums is the best thing you can do. They need to be able to eat, talk and keep a healthy smile. Good oral hygiene starts early by teaching your child how to care for their teeth and gums. Make sure they know how to brush their teeth, use fluoride, and use dental floss correctly. Here are five tips to help your kid have healthy teeth and gums.

1. Teach Your Child How to Brush Their Teeth Properly and Regularly

Brushing teeth is the first step to good dental hygiene. If your child is teething, you can use either a regular toothbrush or a teething ring to help clean their teeth. The bristles are softer and can help push back the baby teeth, removing plaque before it can form. When your child is six, it’s time to brush their teeth with toothpaste. Show your child how to brush their teeth correctly and ensure they know how to do it properly.

2. Teach Your Child to Use a Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found in many water sources. It helps strengthen teeth by making them more resistant to cavities. Just remember not to give your little one too much fluoride, or they could develop mottling of the teeth. You don’t want to overdo it, as too much exposure to fluoride can also cause permanent yellowing of the teeth.

3. Make Sure Your Child Uses Dental Floss

Teaching your child to floss their teeth regularly is just as important as brushing them. It helps to remove plaque that regular brushing may not get and helps to strengthen your child’s teeth. You can help your child by putting the floss around their fingers, so they can reach all areas of their mouth without getting frustrated. Work with them until they can use it correctly on their own.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet for Your Child

Your child’s oral health will suffer if they have a poor diet. Feed them a healthy and balanced diet to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Avoid sugary foods that can rot their teeth quickly. Limit soda and juice consumption to give them healthier alternatives they can drink instead. By focusing on eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and other foods rich in nutrients, your child will be able to have healthier teeth overall.

5. Schedule Regular Checkups with Your Child’s Dentist

A good dentist can help your child have healthy teeth by ensuring they keep up with their dental hygiene. They will have regular checkups to see if any problems appear on their teeth or gums. A dentist will take a close look at their gums to make sure they don’t have any problems with bleeding from bad gum disease. If your child is having trouble brushing their teeth properly or is prone to tooth decay, they might be referred for a root canal and other dental work.


Teaching your child to keep healthy teeth and gums is an important part of dental hygiene. Ensure they know how to properly brush their teeth, use fluoride products, and floss regularly. Regular checkups with the dentist will keep your little one healthy and promote good oral hygiene. Also, ensure they maintain a healthy diet to keep their teeth strong and cavity-free. Teaching your child these tips will help them have healthy teeth and gums that they can be proud of.

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